National Centre for Teacher Professional Development (TPDC) has been established in 2008 as a legal entity of public law under the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia, with the mandate of semi-independent agency supported mainly by the state budget. TPDC aims to improve teaching quality at schools and set high standards of teaching and learning; attract qualified teachers and create positive environment for beginning teachers and promote teacher training process, thus assisting them become professionals. 


TPDC playes a major role in the field of teacher professional development throughout the country and implements relevant policy decisions regarding teaching/learning and professional development of teachers. 


In order to support and underpin a high quality teaching process, TPDC implements a number educational programs, encourages modern, innovative teaching and learning approaches and ensures their piloting, assessment and respective dissemination.


TPDC offers variety of professional development opportunities for teachers, school principals and other staff, provides trainings, national conferences, and designs and maintains educational resources. 


DITECH - Developing and Implementing Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning at Georgian HEIs

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