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Samtskhe-Javakheti  State University is   the  only state-accredited university in the region  located in  south of   the country. It is located at the borders with  Turkey and Armenia. The  region is multicultural and multinational. About  40 % of the population is  ethnically non Georgian.  Accordingly, the environment in the University is culturally diverse.  It has four faculties: ; Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law; Business Administration; Engineering, Agriculture and Natural Sciences. It has 1408 students, 64 members of its own Academic staff , invited professors- 82 and 104 administrative staff. The university has three  campuses in the towns of Akhaltsikhe and Akhalkalaki.
The university was established in 1990. It  plays a main role in  social, economic and political life of the region. It also  enables the  local population to of getting higher academic education in their region and   reducing  the  migration process and opening up opportunities in the region for this multicultural population. 
Samtskhe-Javakheti State University supports the initiatives and activities of European education and qualification within the university. The University is actively involved in the Bologna Process and follows the principle of the Bologna Charter.


The mission of the university is: to educate qualified specialists by promoting human and national values; To prepare competitive contingent for constantly changing Georgian labour market by researching scientific fundamental issues, introducing modern teaching and researching methods, using effective quality assurance and educational programs oriented on constant update;
Samtskhe Javakheti State University is designed ,, teacher training / retraining center ", which supports the region's Georgian and non-Georgian school teacher  in training / retraining in different directions, helping the teachers to teach according to the new approaches and methods and support the teachers to develop new  system of teaching and assessment; It should be noted that, in general, the center   trains and retrains the teaches by modern educational approaches in accordance with the University's Strategic and Development Plan. During implementation of the teachers preparation  60-credit program (place of implementation: Akhaltsikhe, Akhalkalaki) the teachers are introduced to the new standards of general education, the program ensures professional training of teachers / educators in preparation of training / retraining activities. It also provides training to the people willing to take  teachers  subjective exams.
SJSU has had international experience EU Projects as a partner,  was a member of the four TEMPUS projects and four Erasmus+ projects, now conducting two ERASMUS+ projects

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